9 gifts for the person who says they're into the outdoors but really just loves sleeping

These types of people on your list like the concept of being in the outdoors, but also just love a good nap. Sure, they'd love to tag along on your camping trip or share a cabin in Tahoe but you both know that they're really there for the hot chocolate and s'mores by the fire, all under cover of a comfy blanket.

Airblaster Classic Ninja Suit

We cannot express just how excited we are about these suits. They’re great baselayers for skiing & snowboarding, of course, but (more importantly) they’re so comfortable for lounging. These are amazing gifts for the lounge pros and the hardcore homebodies. The women’s suits even have a “Pony Portal” so their hair won’t get in the way of their supreme comfort.


Acorn Women's Moc Ragg Slippers

These will feel like pillows for their feet. They have Cloud Cushion footbeds and Berber fleece linings so they’ll be nice and toasty in cold temps. Plus they have a waterproof, non-slip outsole to protect them even when they have to leave the cozy cabin to fetch something from the car.


Smartwool Women's Hudson Pullover Fleece Sweater

It really does not get softer and warmer than this. Made from recycled wool fleece, this sweater feels like a warm hug. It’s so cute that it can be worn while out and about but comfy enough to be worn around the house (which is probably where they’ll wanna wear it most).


Aeropress with Tote

Outdoor-loving loungers are really going to enjoy this gadget. This nifty espresso maker helps you make tasty coffee while you’re out camping. Sure, they’ll probably be using it at home for the most part but the point is that they can use it outdoors. One day. Maybe.


Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger

Almost as trusty as a gift card, a pair of joggers are always an awesome gift, especially for the homebody on your list. These come with 5 pockets so if (heaven forbid) they have to leave the house, they can still hold on to their wallet and phone. They’re super soft and stretchy so they’ll immediately become a part of their go-to lounge uniform.


Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

The only thing better than being amongst the trees is napping between two of them. With this hammock, they’ll have plenty of space to spread out and nap, with enough room for two so you can join them when the sun shines through the trees in just the right way.


Women's Pom Pom Fleece Lined Crew Sock

The homebody on your list will love you forever for these socks. They’re basically cozy blankets for your feet. They can be worn with boots while they’re romping around in the snow or just on their own while they enjoy a hot chocolate next to the fireplace. Maybe you’ll also need to snag a pair for yourself to test them out.


Rumpl The Original Puffy Blanket

For these folks, going for a sunrise hike sounds awesome, but so does staying cozy in the tent while the birds chirp away outside. Rumpl’s line of blankets are perfect for the not-so-early-birds who just can’t get away from their bed. Maybe they’ll go for a regular hike later...after their afternoon nap.


Hydro Flask 12 oz Coffee Mug

If their ideal morning in nature involves sipping on some tea at basecamp or a Sunday morning cup of coffee on the cabin porch, then this is the perfect gift for them. It’ll keep their beverage hot for as long as they wanna delay that early morning hike for.


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