Have a super Swell Niño!

According to our calendar (and the sudden prominence of gourds at the grocery store), it really is October. Chronologically speaking, that means that winter is well on its way. We’re crossing our fingers that all the news about El Niño is true, and we’ll have a snowy winter (we’d like to say that we’re only thinking about that drought-fixing snowpack California so desperately needs, but honestly, we just really wanna hit the slopes). But we just won’t know if it’ll snow until it does.

That’s why we’re taking the worry out of winter and making sure that you have a Swell Niño (get it?)! Buy your snow gear now, and get 50% off if it doesn’t snow. That’s right: if it snows, you’re golden. If it doesn’t snow, you’ll get store credit back to the tune of effectively getting every snow item for 50% off MSRP.

Yeah, maybe California can’t commit to snow, but you can still commit to that new snowboard you’ve been eyeing.

Now for the super fun technical details bit: 50% is off MSRP which may be different from our price. What do we mean by “doesn’t snow”? We’re defining it as less than 50% of the median snowfall from Nov. 1 through April 30 at Squaw Valley from 2008 through 2015, according to onthesnow.com. That median is 400 inches, so 50% of that is 200 inches. Basically, if we have another season like last year (193 inches), you’ll get half off. This deal ends Dec. 31 and includes all snow gear, snow apparel and snow season leases, including snow sale items. It does not include lift tickets, snow service, daily/weekly snow rentals, or casual winter apparel & shoes. Keep your receipts! On May 1, if onthesnow.com reports less than 200 inches at Squaw Valley, email friends@sportsbasement.com to be emailed your accumulated savings in store credit (no cash refunds).


Jessica Blomstrom is a Sports Basement web editor who enjoys getting lost on purpose and re-discovering civilization after a journey fraught with terrors and bug bites unimaginable.

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