Bike to Work Day is May 12!

Get ready for your yearly excuse to jump on your bike and commit to a healthier commute and/or terrify your coworkers by herding them into an uncomfortably tight peloton during the commute. However comfortable you are on the saddle, Bike to Work Day is Thursday, May 12, and you're gonna get what's comin' to you.

Just to be clear, what's comin' to you is a lot of really excellent stuff! 

Stop by an energizer station on your way into work and pick up a schwag bag filled with coupons (including one for a free water bottle from yours truly), stickers, munchies and more, all packed into an excellent canvas tote.

And after work, drop by our SB Berkeley Bike to Work Day Afterparty! We're blocking off Derby Street and packing it with food trucks, drinks, music and more, just to say thank you for biking. 

And of course, after May 12 every day is Bike to Work Day! We're here to help you gear up so you can keep this good thing going. 

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