10 gifts for kids that parents will love, and kids will eventually love, too

These gifts are for the kids on your list like your nephews, nieces, or your friend’s kids who are basically your nephews and nieces. You might not get them the new iPad they’ve been wanting (mom and dad can handle that) but with these gifts, you’ll still be their favorite aunt or uncle.

The North Face Infant Campshire One-Piece

Babies will look like little wild things in these during their first winter. The Sherpa fleece one piece includes fold over mitts for tiny hands, lil’ baby booties for tiny feet, and completely adorable bear ears just to be extra cute. We can’t think of anything more adorable than putting your favorite baby in this onesie.


Petzl Tikkid Headlamp

The little explorer on your list will light up when they open up this fun gift. The Petzl Tikkid headlamp is easy for them wear & turn on and off. The 20 lumen flood beam gives them enough visibility to see (and be seen) without hurting sensitive eyes.They can use it all for everything from summer camp nights to pillow forts at home.


Deuter Kids Kikki 6L Pack

Whether they’re going to brave the great outdoors or a school classroom, give ‘em a trusty pack to take it on. With 6L of space they’ll have plenty of room for homework and lunch pails or snacks and hiking gear (which their parents will definitely appreciate).


Kamik Boys' Stomp Rain Boots

Puddles are a kid’s best friend and they’re going to love jumping into them fearlessly with Kamik’s Stomp rain boots. They’re completely waterproof and a classic style so they’ll look good with everything (which is especially helpful if they’re starting to dress themselves). They’ll wanna put ‘em to the test as soon as they open them.


Finis Mermaid Fin

Little swimmers are going to go head over fins for this mermaid fin. They can fit their feet into it and use it to practice their dolphin kick while they pretend they’re in a magical mermaid world. And if you promise to take them to the local pool to try it out, you’ll win favorite family member hands down.


Adidas Finale 16 Mini

Electronic toys are cool and all but nothing beats playing with a brand new soccer ball. They’ll wanna show off their new skills and tricks as soon as they unwrap this fun gift. And the best part? You can play too!


Northside Girls' Frosty Boots

Romping around in the snow can mean cold toes if kids aren’t wearing the right gear. Get the kids on your list a pair of snow boots to keep kids happy in the snow. They’ll definitely join your snowball fight team with these on their feet!


CamelBak Mini M.U.L.E. 50 oz Hydration Pack

Know someone who takes their kids camping every year? Get their kids a gift they’ll love and that their parents know they need. The Mini M.U.L.E. can hold 1.5L of water so they can stay hydrated without adding more weight to their parents’ packs. It’s also got a handy dandy whistle so that they can use to stay safe on the trail...and maybe annoy their parents a little at home.


Adventure 16 Celestron Upclose 8x21 Binoculars

We’ve all seen someone try to zoom in in real life with their fingers (maybe we’re all getting a little too used to smartphones). Give kids a real life zoom by getting them a pair of binoculars. They’ll have so much fun trying find cool birds, focus in on tall trees, and scour the dessert cabinet.


Patagonia Girls' Nano Puff Jacket

Okay, so maybe when they won’t necessarily scream out in joy and start crying with gratitude when they open this buuuut we’re willing to bet that you’ll hardly see them without it. It’ll be one of the warmest things they own so they (or their parents) will find themselves reaching for it over and over again. Take that brand new Nintendo!


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