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The Garden Center

at Sports Basement San Ramon

Area: 6000 ft2 Max Occupancy: 350
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The Garden Center is exactly what it sounds like! It's a contained, concrete floor outdoor space (that really used to be a garden center) with lighting, electrical service, and water. Large blank walls could allow for movie screenings and a central trellis allows for attachment of signs, banners, additional lighting, etc. It'll fit over 350 people standing, so it's ideal for large group gatherings.

6000 FT2


5 Tables
50 Chairs
Power Outlets

Store Information

Sports Basement San Ramon
1041 Market Place
San Ramon, CA 94583

(925) 498-6130

Store Hours

Mon-Fri | 11am-7pm
Sat & Sun | 9am-5pm

We're hiring! Apply here.

Venue Hours

Mon-Fri | 11pm-6pm
Sat & Sun | 9am-4pm