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Flow Women's Omni

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Purple / M / 0 - 0 [4]
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  • Description
  • Fit_Range Fit Range M(6-10) L(9+)
  • Flex Flex 7-Jun
  • Hole_Pattern Hole Pattern 3D, 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

A high-performance machine, the Flow Omni Women's Snowboard Bindings were made for the ladies who are serious about shredding. The stiff and responsive Rockered Baseplate and Glass-Filled Nylon Asym Uniback Highback provide long-lasting support for handling gnarly terrain. The Fusion Powerstrap and LSR Locking Slap Ratchets work seamlessly with the reclining highback by allowing you to lock your perfect strap tension in place, then slide in and out with ease. Canted BankBeds ensure your stance stays aligned for efficient energy transfer, powerful turns and less fatigue. Active Strap Technology makes the whole process easier by actively tightening when you close up the highback, reducing friction and creating more room when you get in and out. Shred harder and stronger with the Flow Omni Women's Snowboard Bindings.

  • Glass-Filled Nylon Rockered Baseplate
  • Glass-Filled Nylon Asym Uniback Highback
  • Fusion Powerstrap
  • LSR Locking Slap Ratchets
  • Active Strap Technology
  • 2.5-Degree Canted BankBeds
  • Nylon Offset MultiDisk (4HP + 3HP + Channel)
  • Skill Level: Advanced Intermediate
  • Recommended Use: All Mountain
  • Toe Strap Style: Traditional
  • Quick Entry: Yes
  • Canted Footbed: Yes
  • Binding Compatibility: Standard 4 Hole, Burton 3D and Burton ICS
  • Strap Material: Fusion Powerstrap
  • Buckles: LSR Locking Slap Ratchets
  • HighBack: Glass Filled Nylon Modback
  • Chassis Material: Nylon
  • Snowboard Binding Padding: Performance
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