Fill Type Pack Weight Trail Weight Total Weight Weight Peak Height EN Rating R Value Ideal Load Range Stuff Size Capacity BTUs Fuel Type Boile Time For 1L Dimensions Camp Volume Generic
Stretch-Loc 20
Stretch-Loc 20
Stretch-Loc 20
Stretch-Loc 20
Stretch-Loc 20
Stretch-Loc 20" 2 Pack
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Stretch-Loc 20" 2 Pack
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Stretch-Loc straps can secure almost any item. Whether you’re perfecting your bikepacking rig, securing SUP paddles to roof racks, or simply anticipating unforeseen backcountry incidents, Stretch-Loc straps will become an integral part of adventure preparation. Stretch-Loc straps are made of tough, stretchy TPU with co-molded acetal buckles. Simply wrap the super tough TPU strap around whatever you’re fastening together and lock it in place with the easy-to-use buckle. Any excess strap will lie flat against the loop, conveniently out of the way.

  • Grippy and stretchy TPU material prevents secured items from slipping
  • Adjustable, strong and secure straps with positive, non-slip buckle
  • Easy and fast to tension and securely lock in place
  • TPU Keeper Strap attaches Stretch-Loc to support and provides grippy, cushioning surface
  • Keeper Strap protects items from scratching and retains excess strap
  • Two or more straps can be joined to increase length
  • Length: 20 in / 500 mm
  • Width: 3/4 in / 20 mm
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