Fill Type Pack Weight Trail Weight Total Weight Weight Peak Height EN Rating R Value Ideal Load Range Stuff Size Capacity BTUs Fuel Type Boile Time For 1L Dimensions Camp Volume Generic
Snap Bar Buckle - 3/4
Snap Bar Buckle - 3/4
Snap Bar Buckle - 3/4
Snap Bar Buckle - 3/4"
Snap Bar Buckle - 3/4"

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When buckles break, you need an easy buckle replacement solution. The Snap Bar Repair Buckle by Gear Aid allows you to easily replace standard side-release buckles without the need for sewing. No need to rip apart your webbing either. Simply snap the buckle in place and get back to the task at hand. Great for sewn webbing loops or dry bag buckle repairs, the Snap Bar Repair Buckle is the quick and easy way to replace side release buckles on all your clothing and gear.

  • Convenient – Replace side release buckles instantly without sewing
  • Multipurpose – Buckle snaps into place for sewn webbing loops on clothes and dry bags
  • Size: Fits 3/4” webbing
  • Made in the USA
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