Run No Tie Laces alternate view
Run No Tie Laces alternate view
Run No Tie Laces alternate view
Run No Tie Laces
Run No Tie Laces

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Product Description

The Caterpy Run No Tie Laces are non-tying active laces with patented elastic technology that provides adjustable tension between shoe eyelets. These premium laces are designed to enhance a broad range of shoes. Lace up once and never need to touch your laces again.

  • Put in as you would with traditional shoelaces, there’s no extra hardware to install
  • Laces can be taken out and reused for multiple pairs of shoes
  • Transform your favorite pair of shoes into slip-on shoes
  • Take your shoes on and off without readjusting laces everyday
  • Elastic laces improve your feet’s blood circulation as they naturally swell throughout the day
  • Decreases pain by offloading pressure on the dorsal foot neurovascular bundle
  • Designed for patients with diabetes, mid-foot arthritis, neuroma, neuritis, or ulcerations
  • Elastic bump technology secures tension in each row of the shoe
  • Create customized tension throughout all eyelets, instead of relying on a single knot
  • Guaranteed to last the life of at least one pair of sneakers
  • Standard Length: 30 in / 75 cm
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