Fill Type Pack Weight Trail Weight Total Weight Weight Peak Height EN Rating R Value Ideal Load Range Stuff Size Capacity BTUs Fuel Type Boile Time For 1L Dimensions Camp Volume Generic
Rubber Tip Attachments alternate view
Rubber Tip Attachments alternate view
Rubber Tip Attachments
Rubber Tip Attachments

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Made of vulcanized material, these Rubber Tip Attachments buffer your carbide tips, and can also be a replacement for your rubber tips. Perfect for walking on asphalt or other hard surfaces. Prolongs the life of your pole tips, while protecting the walking surface from wear and tear. 

  • Sold as a pair
  • Replaceable trekking pads
  • Rubber tips to protect your trekking poles
  • Removable tip for changing conditions
  • An easy replacement for your old rubber tips
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