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McDavid Ligament Knee

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This neoprene knee brace with steel stays provides a high level of support, extra long compression sleeve, and fits either the right or left knee. The neoprene material is 0.1875 inches thick, for therapeutic heat retention and soft tissue compression, while two-sided nylon construction ensures long-lasting durability. A padded buttress, two medial, and two lateral stays create solid joint stabilization. Two Velcro straps and four elastic crossing straps provide additional ligament support, and a newly redesigned wide back allows for increased mobility and ease of motion.

Protection Levels:

  • McDavid offers a range of sports medicine products based on protection and support levels. Each level provides soft tissue support through compression, and may promote healing through therapeutic heat. This product is Protection Level II.

Protection Level I, Primary:

  • General purpose protection
  • Minor pain, sprains, and instability
  • Relief from arthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis

Protection Level II, Advanced:

  • Minor to moderate protection
  • Slight ligament instabilities or pain
  • Offers more protection than simple sleeves

Protection Level III, Maximum:

  • Ultimate in protection
  • Moderate to major instabilities and pain
  • Provides the maximum level of support

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