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Fizik Arione Kium Saddle

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The Fizik Arione's board flat profile makes it distinct in a sea of same things. The reason for it is flexibility. We're not talking about shell flex, though it has that in spades thanks to their Wingflex Technology where the rearward part of the saddle conforms to your body as you pedal. No, what we mean is that the Fizik Arione Versus K:ium Saddle allows for more flexibility in where along the length of the saddle you can sit on it. The long flat top allows you to use a greater portion of the saddle as you react to changes in road elevation, effort, or hand position on the bars. And since this is the Versus version of the Arione, it's also supremely comfortable since it's built with more padding than the standard Arione.

  • Cover: Microtex
  • Shell: carbon-reinforced nylon
  • Rails: K:IUM
  • Seat Width: 132 mm
  • Actual Weight: Black/Black Glossy, 132mm: 240g
  • Recommended Use: cycling
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