SB Outdoors Training Plans

For backpacking training, listed below are a number of recommendations:
  • If possible, go for a 5-10 mile hike once a week over varied terrain. Significant climbs and descents are highly encouraged. You can start at a shorter distance and work your way up to the full distance as the trip gets closer. 
  • As your miles increase, increase the weight of your pack. You can start with a day pack, but try to quickly move toward using the pack you will use for your trip. Increase the weight of your pack until you can hike the full mileage with 30-45 lbs in your pack.
  • Ensure you are hiking in the shoes/boots you will be using for the trip. Also try out the clothes you will hike in during the trip. 
  • If you cannot get out on the trail every week, you can hike in your neighborhood with boots and pack, but seek out hills and more challenging terrain whenever possible.
  • If you cannot get outside, you can use a treadmill or stair machine. Be sure to challenge yourself by increasing the incline and speed. 
  • Do plenty of cardiovascular exercise (running, hiking, biking, swimming, etc.) during the week. 
  • Choose snacks/lunch foods that you will use on the trip to ensure that you like them and that they keep you fueled and energized during your workouts. Never try anything for the 1st time on a trip.