How To Build Your Kids Bike

Thanks so much for purchasing your kids bike with Sports Basement! Here's a short video explaining how to assemble your bike safely. Got questions? Contact us at or book a video appointment!


  • Bike frame
  • Front wheel
  • Saddle + post
  • Handle bars
  • Pedals
  • Training wheels (for select bikes)


Prior to starting assembly, remove each of the components from the box and ensure you have everything listed above. Use the video included as an added reference for assembly.

1. Insert the saddle + post into the seat tube until the minimum insertion mark (on the post) is completely within the seat tube. Tighten the bolt at the top of the seat tube with an allen wrench.

2. Add the handle bars, keeping it centered on the stem and angling it slightly towards the rider. Make sure it's tight!

3. Add the front wheel, lining up and securing the tabs with the holes in the base of the fork. Ensure the wheel is in straight and tighten the bolts using a 15mm wrench.

4. Align the fork (+ wheel) and handlebar, then tighten the bolts at the top of the stem with an allen wrench.

5. Install the pedals, keeping in mind that there is a right and left pedal. Tighten using a 15mm wrench.

6. Attach the training wheels (if included) with the provided pegs.

7. Install the reflectors using a phillips head screwdriver.

8. Enjoy watching your kiddo ride their new bike!