Support the North Bay Fire Victims

Dear Sports Basement Customers:

          We have had a heartwarming and inspiring response in donations from you. Together, we have supported hundreds of people affected by the fires. Thank you so much. We continue to work hard to make sure the donations get to the shelters and people in need.

          With our store in Santa Rosa, we have many people on the front lines of this horrible devastation. Increasingly, we have learned that the best way to serve these people is cash and gift card donations. The shelters and nonprofits know exactly what they need, and the stores in the area have the logistics and skill to serve these communities most effectively.

          We are now encouraging cash donations to shelters and charitable agencies as well as gift cards. From their experiences in talking with the victims of the fires, we are offering our North Bay customers 25% off everything in our Santa Rosa store so that they can purchase essential supplies such as sleeping bags, flashlights, tents, shoes, socks and clothing. If you would like to support that effort, you can purchase gift cards on our website or in any of our stores. We will make certain the cards get to those in need in the North Bay.

          It’s a fluid situation. The needs may change again and we will keep you updated on how your support can be most impactful.

Thank you,

Eric Prosnitz

CEO, Sports Basement

(North Bay charities and shelters please click here to see the list of the donations from Sports Basement customers. All items are new.)


  • Marla says...

    Will you also be taking pet food and toys?

    On October 12, 2017
  • Erendira @ SB says...

    It warms our hearts to see everyone’s willingness to help! Here are a few answers to your questions:
    @ Dean Tucker & @Miranda: We are currently in the process of making donations available for online purchase.
    @Brooke Nason: Yes, we will be accepting donations at all of our Sports Basement stores this weekend.
    @Donna: New clothing and blankets are definitely accepted. See the list above for more items we accept.
    @Leah Gilmore: Yes, suitcase donations will be accepted.

    On October 12, 2017
  • Leah Gilmore says...

    I heard that suitcases are needed as well. Is that something you could deliver with your other goods?

    On October 12, 2017
  • Donna says...

    can our donated items be clothing and blankets as well?

    On October 12, 2017
  • Brooke Nason says...

    I think it is amazing you are sending donations. Will you expect donations this weekend the 14th-15th?

    On October 12, 2017

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