Kit Out Your Kiddos for the Snow!

There are few things more adorable than taking your kids to the snow. Whether it’s their first time ever experiencing it or their first time going down a black diamond, it always ends with a fun story and awesome photos. But getting them outfitted for the snow can be hard, almost as hard as getting them into the car at 4am for a 4 hour car ride ...almost. They’ve gotta stay dry and warm while they’re romping in the snow but you also want to make sure you’re not blowing through your whole budget. Fear not, snow-faring families, we’ve got the perfect guide to prepping kids of all ages for the snow this year (and every year!).

For the smaller kids, this might be their first time in the snow so keep them happy by keeping them warm and dry! Baselayers are a must (for any and all ages actually) since they'll do most of the work to keep them warm. To keep them dry, opt for a snow bib instead of pants, since bibs are especially great at keeping snow out and double as an extra layer for their torsos. When they’re small, keeping a beanie from falling off their head is the last thing you want to worry about. Use something like Columbia's Toddler Pigtail Hat - it comes with a chin strap so not only will their head stay warm, they'll look adorable too. Gloves might not fit your toddler’s small fingers quite yet, so opt for mittens. They'll be more comfortable for your kiddo while keeping them extra warm. Don’t forget to take an extra fleece with you, too! They might not need it while romping around in the snow but they’ll definitely need it if they’re hanging out by the cabin or if you’re travelling to colder regions.

With our Toddler’s All Apparel Package you’ll be set for the season and your budget!

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Now that your kids are older (and have that balancing thing more or less down), they’re finally hitting the bunny slopes. Whether they’re pizza & french fry-ing or shredding down the slope, their gear has to keep up with them. First timers will be spending quite a bit of time falling & getting back up so grab our rental ski & board gear while they learn how to ride and nail down some basic skills. Kids work up a sweat while they’re out there which can make them cold later on so be sure to get them ski socks & moisture wicking base layers to keep them comfortable on the slopes all day. Get them a lucky beanie that they can plop on when it gets cold or stow it away in their own pocket.

Pssst, we can take care of it all with the Works Package so your ski (or board!) prodigy will be set from ski socks to poles!

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Things are probably gettin’ serious on the slopes for your kids. Sure the goal is to have fun...but the goal is also to rip down the mountain and master more advanced techniques. The North Face’s kids’ Triclimate line gives you three jackets in one so you don’t have to worry about running up your budget to keep them warm & dry on the slopes. They’re probably growing like crazy so reach for Columbia’s snow apparel, including their Bugaboo pant line which has their OUTGROWN grow system that allows you to adjust pant & sleeve lengths as they grow. If their ski skills are ready for the next level, upgrade them to our kids’ all mountain sport skis: the Volkl Revolt Jr. They’ll be excited to show off in them, and you’ll be excited you got skis, boots, and poles for only $50 for the whole weekend!

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