Grizzly Peak Road Ride

Title text: Shelter in the Greatest Place laid over a photo looking out over the Bay from Grizzly Peak.

Presidio staffer Priya Chopra is showing you one of her favorite (and very panoramic) road rides. 

The ride along Grizzly Peak Boulevard in Berkeley, CA, is a Bay Area classic! Both challenging and incredibly rewarding, cyclists gain about 2,000 feet of elevation over 25 miles, if they start the ride in Oakland. My favorite way to get to grizzly peak is to ride up tunnel road first, and turn left on Grizzly Peak Boulevard. The entire ride is filled with excellent views of the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and you get to enjoy riding through the protected watershed. The windy roads of Grizzly Peak Boulevard provide for an interesting climb and a technical descent! I love stopping at the top after South Park Drive and sitting in one of the benches fashioned out of large tree trunks. 

You can use this strava link if you would like to start your ride in Oakland and finish in Berkeley. However, there are many excellent detours you can also take if you have some extra time.

Please remember to practice social distancing while going on your bike rides! (Save those meetups for post shelter-in-place orders.) While everyone loves a challenge, make sure to bike safely (see and be seen) and within your physical limits. 

Priya taking a break (and enjoying the view!) while on Grizzly Peak Boulevard.


  • BCX says...

    When I read “technical descent” I wondered, checked the Strava link, and was jazzed to see another rider who prefers the less popular Euclid descent (twisty, elegant, good surface, fewer car problems) to the way more popular Spruce descent (thumpy, not enough fun turns, worse traffic). Woo hoo!

    On August 10, 2020
  • J M says...

    The ride sounds great and I’m a long-time customer and fan of Sports Basement. But, it pains me to see a picture as part of the promotion that shows graffiti vandalism, especially in a public park that is otherwise beautiful. So, perhaps it could be replaced?

    On August 10, 2020
  • Connor Cunningham says...

    I live in North Oakland and did this ride from my house via Tunnel Road – awesome!! Thanks for sharing.

    On April 14, 2020

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