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SUMO alternate view
SUMO alternate view

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  • Boil Time For 1L 4m 15sec
  • BTUs 6,000 BTU/h
  • Fuel Type Isobutane/Propane
  • Weight 16 oz

GROUP COOKING SYSTEM: Ultimate simmer control, in a 1.8L package. MiniMos big brother uses the same burner, with increased capacity.

The Sumo Group Cooking System integrates the all-weather MiniMo burner with the high capacity Sumo cup, yielding a blend of power, convenience, and efficiency for a range of backcountry chores, from snow melting to simmering.

Versatile Sumo supports a myriad of packing configurations, and is compatible with the full range of Jetboil accessories.

  • Fuel Not Included
  • Jetboil Regulator Technology - consistent heat down to 20 F (-6 C).
  • 1.8 Liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating Cozy
  • Convenient, reliable push-button igniter
  • Drink-through lid with pour spout & strainer
  • Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl
  • Able to store a 230g Jetpower fuel can, with Burner, Fuel Canister Stabilizer and Pot Support (sold separately)
  • Able to store a 100g Jetpower fuel can, with Burner, Fuel Canister Stabilizer, Sumo Bowl Set and accessory Pot Support (sold separately)
  • Fuel Canister Stabilizer included
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