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Castelli Viva Thermo Headband

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For those days when a full skully would be a bit of overkill, but the wind is still nipping at your ears, the Viva Thermo Headband makes a perfect go-to. The fleece-lined ThermoFlex material that comprises it is warm and soft, stretching easily to accommodate a wide variety of domes, yet it's also especially breathable and never lets you overheat. It's raw-cut edges don't bunch and won't apply pressure points to your head under your helmet, making this light cap something you'll almost forget it's there -- until you take it off, of course.

  • fleece-lined ThermoFlex
  • Material: fleece-lined ThermoFlex
  • Season: fall, early spring
  • Recommended Use: cycling
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
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