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Highway Two Tritone 5.5 Kium Black/Red w/Carriage

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Even if you haven’t had the benefit to test your time trial position in a wind tunnel, you know that the more aero you get and the more comfortable you are in that position will automatically improve your chances for competitive success. The Fizik Tritone 5.5 K:IUM Saddle will help you get into that aerodynamic sweet spot, and help you stay in that position over the course of a long time trial or tri race.

The Tritone 5.5 is a nose-less tri saddle engineered for triathletes who favor a forward seated position and want greater comfort for longer events. Like a bear cub foot, it is nearly as wide as it is long. With dimensions 240x140mm, it has been designed to fit within UCI regulations of saddle lengths in time trial situations. The shell is made from lightweight nylon reinforced with carbon. A front transition hook at the nose will make life easier and more secure at the T1 pickup and T2 drop off. The Thermowelded Microtex covers the saddle, keeping it tacky enough to hold you in place once you have found your position, but still fluid enough to allow you to move around on the saddle over a long course. It has a full-length pressure-relieving channel with silicone strips along the top for better grip, and generous foam padding specifically designed to provide all day comfort.

As for the material used on the rails, here Fizik has incorporated their K:IUM technology. K:IUM is Fizik’s proprietary metal alloy, the exact formulation of which they understandably keep close to their chest. However, they have given it a tubular design and a particular finishing process that is intended to reduce potential fatigue of the rail surface. On top of that it offers an 8% weight reduction from the titanium rails we saw on earlier Fiziks, giving the k:ium rails an astounding strength to weight ratio. The Tritone 5.5 employs a modular carriage kit that bolts neatly to the rear, so that you can carry two bottles, a C02 cartridge, inflator and spare inner tube for a clean integrated look. The kit installs at the rear of the saddle and does not interfere with pedaling.

Your choice of saddle is always important, but if you are looking to be competitive in a triathlon or time trial series, it becomes an even more essential component to get right. The Fizik Tritone 5.5 K:IUM Saddle will be a great way to get the performance and comfort you’ll need in a serious TT or tri seat, without spending an arm and a leg.
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