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Spenco Medical Corp. Total Support For Her

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All the features of our Total Support Original Insole, but made for a woman. Supports, stabilizes and cushions right out of the package. Wear-moldable, Full-Contact Comfort Fit. Improves performance and prolongs the life of your shoes.

Insoles designed for men dont address the effect of a womans increased quadriceps angle (Q angle) on her natural stride. When a woman runs, foot impact causes supination (outward rolling) followed by over-pronation (the shifting of weight to the inside of the foot). Over time, these conflicting forces can lead to potentially serious repetitive strain injuries to the foot, ankle and knee. Spenco for Her Q Factor Technology helps guide a womans natural stride into a centralized and balanced path.

  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Semi-rigid Arch Support
  • 3-Pod Cushioning System
  • First Ray Drop Zone
  • Metatarsal Dome
  • Technical Topcloth
  • Forefoot Crash Pad
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