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XLAB Torpedo Mini Mount Aluminum Black

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Light & Aerodynamic:

  • Aerospace designed by XLAB to be structurally and aerodynamically sound. Moves bottle into most proven aerodynamic position.

Optimal mounting position:

  • Mounts truly horizontal to the aerobar, and designed to be level with your arms.

Optimal computer mounting position:

  • Most forward room of any competitor designed to have computer in line of sight for minimizing head movement.

Wind tunnel and CFD proven

  • no drag penalty

Easy install & removal:

  • No tools required and with simple non-stretch, non-slip silicon straps.

Superior Adjustability:

  • Can adjust both fore and aft (1 ) as well as vertically, making it the most adjustable horizontal hydration system sold


  • Ideal for all race lengths

AQUA-SHOT Bottle Usage :

  • Taking a drink from an XLAB AQUA-SHOT once every 15 minutes is faster than the drag (as much as 50 grams) from a 3/8" dia (10 mm.) straw for the whole bike split. Frontal area of bottle 68% less than most other front systems
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