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Sidi T3.6 SP Carbon

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The SIDI T3.6 SP is for the triathlete who wants a light cycling shoe. Two all-new soles - designed by SIDI, hand crafted in the same carbon facility that builds speedparts for Ducati and Ferrari - are at the heart of the all-new Sidi T3.6 SP Carbon Triathlon Shoe, your speeding ticket for blasting out of T1, and blazing into T2. Experience SIDI's legendary fit and comfort, with the crushing power delivery of phenomenally stiff, anatomically correct carbon soles. Choose T3.6 Vent Carbon for traditional 3-hole drilling, or T3.6 SP Carbon for Speedplay-approved 4-slot cleat mounting without adapters. Triathlon-specific upper has a plush, brushed interior with minimal seams for sock-free comfort.

  • The new SP Carbon Sole is SPEEDPLAY APPROVED for superior power transfer
  • 4-mm reduced stack height
  • 62-gram lighter installed weight
  • 6mm of additional aft adjustment and simplified set-up
  • Notched top strap opens away from the drive train
  • Large heel loop for fast transitions
  • SIDI heel cup
  • Replaceable heel pad
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