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TriSwim Skin Slick Lubricant 1.5oz

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1.5 Oz
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Skin Slick from SBR Sports, Inc. is a continuous spray skin lubricant. It's an innovative solution to eliminate blistering, skin and chamois chafing, and friction. Simply spray directly onto skin areas that are prone to problems. Packaged in a convenient TSA travel and environmental friendly 1.5 ounce aerosol spray can; getting to those "nooks and crannies," like in-between toes and hard to get areas, is a breeze! With a single press, SKIN SLICK goes on quickly, evenly, and leaves a silky, odorless feel on the skin while allowing it to breathe freely. Compared to other skin lubricants that may wash off, SKIN SLICK is waterproof, sweat proof and stays on the skin for hours. And it's easily removed with the combination of soap and staining and build-up on clothes isn't an issue. SKIN SLICK is fragrance-free, easy to use and safe to share!

  • Directly spray on skin, will prevent chamois chafing found in cycling
  • Quick exits from wetsuits, will improve T1 (transition 1) times in triathlons
  • Anti-chafe, anti-friction (bra, inner thigh, underarm)
  • Prevents blistering on feet
  • Eliminates strap and seam chafing
  • Will not clog pores due to the large molecules in the product, allows skin to sweat
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Safe on all fabrics including neoprene and Lycra
  • Clean spay, silky feel, fragrance-free
  • TSA travel friendly 1.5oz aerosol can

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