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UCO Electric Lantern alternate view
UCO Electric Lantern alternate view
UCO Electric Lantern alternate view
UCO Electric Lantern
UCO Electric Lantern
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Product Description

The UCO Sitka+ Lantern is elevating outdoor lighting into the future. The Sitka+ Lantern features an integrated extension arm that elevates the light source from 12.5” to 26”, and allows for up to 4 times as much usable light while reducing LED eye-glare. The simple adjustment infinity dial allows for fine tuning of light up to 500 lumens, and features a real wood inlay. When turned counterclockwise, the Sitka Plus will enter into Northern Lights Color mode, which will cycle through the entire spectrum of colors, producing some nice mood lighting. The Sitka+ features a USB power output, and runs on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.

While our electric lanterns come recharged, we encourage you to charge it before your trip. A power cord is available upon request!

  • Integrated extension arm elevates the light source from 12.5" to 26" (32 to 66cm) Increases usable light, reduces shadows & eliminates LED eye-glare 
  • Infinity Dial allows fine tuning of light output from low to high 
  • USB Power Output Runs on a large rechargeable 8800mAh Li-ion battery. 
  • Northern Lights Mode (red, green and blue LED)  
  • Lumens: Collapsed: 360 Extended: 500 
  • Bulb: Super Bright LED 
  • USB: 2 x 1ah Battery: 8800 mAH Li-ion Battery 
  • Life: 5 hours on high, 70 hours on low 
  • Water Resistance: IPX 4 
  • Weight: w/ batteries: 2.2 lbs or 1 kg

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