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Ortlieb Saddle Bag - Medium

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ORTLIEB’s classic seat bag is available in three sizes, depending on the type of tour. The small version with 49 is an excellent fit for road applications, while the medium is perfect for mountain bikers. Size L is a true alternative to carrying a backpack, providing room for equipment, snacks, extra shells and tools for long day tours. It tucks in nicely under the saddle, and often functions as protector on bikes without fenders. The additional fixation with Velcro around the seat post provides firm and vibration-free mounting. The 100% waterproof roll closure features buckles and D-rings for locking the bag. The mounting set is also availabe as accessory.

  • height cm/in: 9/3.5
  • width cm/in: 14/5.5
  • depth cm/in: 7/12 2.8/4.7
  • vol. L/ 1.3/7.9
  • weight g/oz: 250/8.8 
  • Waterproof Saddle-Bag for mountain, road or touring bikes
  • Size M, perfect for MTBs (pocket tool, tube)
  • Snap lock for quick fitting and removal
  • Reliable waterproof roll closure with D-rings for additional bracing and locking
  • Highly effective Scotchlite reflector ensures safety in the dark
  • On bikes without mudguards the bag shields the rider from splash to a certain extent, ideally size L
  • Snap lock is adjustable and can easily get attached to different saddles
  • Saddle Bag meets all requirements of the VELOTECH test, review board for bicycle technic
  • Fixing system is also available as an accessory (e.g. for a second bike, art. code E97)
  • Velcro tape suitable for seat posts up to 34,9 mm (e.g. foldable bike Birdy)
  • Fastening straps for spring-mounted saddles,
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