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Rock N Roll Absolute Dry Lube 16 oz

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16 oz
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The Absolute Dry from Rock 'n' Roll is their driest lube. It goes on thin, which means it penetrates deep into the rollers of the chain and picks up the least dirt. But, because it is so thin, it will probably be the one that needs re-application with the greatest frequency. The guys from Rock 'n' Roll tell us that this lube can usually go 125 miles or so between lubings. Frequent, yes, but the flip side is that the chain stays cleaner. And as you know, a clean chain lasts longer than a dirty chain. Rock 'n' Roll says they routinely get 8,000 miles on a single chain when using the Absolute Dry.

  • 16 oz container
  • For road bikes only
  • Made in USA

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