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Shimano Pd M540 Mtb Spd

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  • Description

The Shimano M540 shares many of the upsides of the XTR-grade M959 mountain bike pedal at a fraction of the cost. It has an open binding mechanism to make clipping in easier than ever, and its weight blows away all of its competitors in its price range. And with the M540 there is no better value when it comes to shedding mud and debris. Its chrome-moly spindle and low maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle gives it serious durability.

If you ride a road bike, why should you consider the M540 instead of a set of Dura-Ace pedals? The cleats of the M540 are small so they recess flush with the tread on the bottom of your shoes. With recessed cleats you can walk to your heart's content without having to worry about slipping and sliding on your cleats and making a racket as your plastic cleats click-clack on the ground. These pedals are two-sided, too, so clipping in and out at a stop light is a breeze. If you plan on making walking a significant part of your daily riding habits, a mountain bike pedal is ideal -- even if your only bike is a road bike! Road bikes equipped with mountain bike pedals are a common sight around here.
  • Proven SPD-function performance and reliability
  • Adjustable release tension
  • Better self-cleaning properties than any other pedal in its class
  • CrMo spindle and low maintenance compact storage
  • Use: MTB
  • Model: PD-M540
  • SPD/SPD-SL: both sides
  • Pedal Axle: Chromoly Steel
  • Mechanism Sealed: Yes
  • Release tension control: Yes
  • Pedal body:aluminium/barrel finish
  • Weight: 352 grams / pair
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