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Coleman Micro Quad LED Lantern 3c

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Have a ton of fun with the lightweight Coleman Micro Quad LED Lantern. Each of the four removable micro-lights are so versatile you can hang them, clip them and even magnetically stick them. They'll light the way just about anywhere - hanging from your belt on a hike, clipped to your tent door to easily find the zipper or magnetically stuck to your refrigerator for that little bit of light you need for a midnight snack. There are even four different changeable color shields, so you always know which light belongs to which camper. Together on their battery-powered base, the micro-lights' coin-cell batteries recharge and become a LED camping lantern for even brighter area illumination.
  • Coleman Micro Quad LED Lantern:
  • 1 rechargeable LED lantern or 4 removable micro-lights
  • Versatile design to hang them, clip them and magnetically stick them
  • LED camping lantern is ideal for camp, home and fun
  • Changeable color shields - orange, red, blue and green - help you keep an eye on several campers
  • Micro-lights powered by rechargeable coin-cell batteries (included)
  • Rechargeable LED lantern base is powered by 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Lantern - 77 lumens and up to 32 hours of runtime
  • Each detachable micro-light - 16 lumens and up to 9.75 hours runtime
  • 1-year limited warranty
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