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Kryptonite Krypto Evo Mini 6 Lite

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Introducing the Kryptonite Evolution LITE Mini 6, Kryptonite's lightest D-Lock, weighing in at a mere 747 grams. This is a whole 16% lighter than the Evolution Mini-5, and compared to other D-Locks a whole lot lighter. 11 mm hardened MAX Performance steel shackle allows a reduction of shackle diameter whilst maintaining the performance standards of other Evolution Mini U-Locks. The patented deadbolt lock mechanism allows for great holding power, working alongside this is the new DuoCore hybrid cylinder which provides increased security and both work together to makes this almost impossible to break into.
  • 11mm MAX-Performance steel shackle material allows reduction of diameter while maintaining the performance of the Evolution Mini-5,7,9
  • Reinforced cuff over hardened crossbar and cylinder protects high security disc-style cylinder
  • DuoCore - new patent-pending hybrid cylinder technology provides increased security
  • High security Bent Foot design for ease of use
  • 747g weight is 16 percent lighter than the Evolution Mini-5
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