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Nite Ize Helmet Marker Plus Red LED

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Attached securely onto your helmet, the active LED illumination and passive reflectivity of the Helmet Marker Plus provides added visibility in the dark of night. The Helmet Marker Plus makes you clearly obvious from behind in dark and inclement weather.  It features a surprisingly thin, durable polymer strip encased in weather-resistant nylon fabric, decorated with a reflective pattern for extra visibility. Press once for steady glow, twice for continuous flash, put your helmet on, and your helmet becomes a beacon that makes you brightly obvious to the cars/skiers/cyclists behind you. 

  • Recessed LED bulb for exceptional durability, and the added benefit of focusing the light beam
  • Bright Red LED Illumination-Glow/Flash Modes Passive High Visibility Reflective Pattern 1 x 2032 3V lithium battery included 75 hr. battery life
  • Lightweight, flexible design; Easy to attach and remove - no tools required
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