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Head/Penn Racquet Sports Graphene Xt Speed Mp A

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With this update to the Speed MP, Head launches its revolutionary Adaptive String Pattern. This technology features interchangeable grommets at 3 and 9 o'clock, allowing the player to select a 16x19 string pattern or a 16x16 string pattern (for massive spin potential).

Like its predecessor, the Graphene XT Speed MP A is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want a light player's racquet with controllable power. With its crisp and precise response, this stick feels very accurate and predictable across a variety of stroke speeds. From the baseline, the manageable 11.1 ounce weight will allow aggressive players to crank up the swing speed in the service of pace and spin. With the addition of Graphene XT to the shaft, Head has been able to move even more mass to the grip and tip. The result is a racquet that makes it easier for the player to load the ball with power. At net this racquet moves fast and delivers a lively yet precise response. The maneuverability also shines on service returns, where the Speed MP comes around very rapidly. With the ability to switch between a 16x19 and 16x16 string pattern, this racquet gives the player an almost unprecedented level of control over the racquet's response. All in all, this is an extremely impressive update to the Speed franchise.

*This racquet is compatible with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor.

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