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Bike Services

Don't forget! Every bike purchase comes with one free bike service within 90 days, 50% off all bike services within two years, and 50% of a bike fit of your choice! We have full-service bike shops at all our stores.

Prices are subject to change by level of difficulty. Prices listed do not include parts.


Basic Tune  $95
  • Check/adjust hubs, BB, headset
  • True F+R wheels and adjust spoke tension by hand
  • Clean/adjust F+R derailleurs and F+R brakes
  • Lube chain and cable housing
  • Wipe down fork stanchion and lube with fork oil
  • Grease stanchion port if any
  • Clean rotors and sand uneven pads
  • Check and tighten all bolts to manufacturer spec (cranks, chain ring, pedals, stem, handle bar, bottle cage, seat post, saddle, brake levers, rotors)
Drive Train Cleaning
  • Remove and clean chain, pedals, crankset, chain rings
  • Remove and clean BB, F+R derailleurs, cassette
  • Align rear derailleur hanger
  • Reinstall and adjust all above parts
  • Clean brake calipers
Major Tune
Includes a Basic Tune and Drive Train Cleaning
Overhaul $280
Major Tune plus the following:
  • True/round/dish F+R wheels and re-tension spokes with tensiometer
  • Disassemble, lube, and reassemble F+R hubs
  • Disassemble, lube, and reassemble headset


Hourly Rate
New from box $120
Used from box $85
Pro Build $255


Call your local store to schedule.
Basic Bike Fit (50% off with bike purchase) $150
Premium FIST Bike Fit (50% off with purchase of road race or tri bike) $250
Fit adjustment $45
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