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UCO Esbit Solid Fuel (12 Pack)

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12 Pack
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Every warm meal needs heat. With the solid fuel tablets in your pack, you can feel confident about bringing a meal and beverage quickly to temperature. They are versatile for cooking, heating up meals and beverages, and also suitable for starting a charcoal BBQ or campfire.

  • Virtually smokeless and residue-free solid fuel tablets are used to cook and heat up food and beverages, can also be used to start campfires and grills.
  • Works at high altitudes and sub-zero temperatures.
  • Ignites with match or lighter.
  • Each 14 g tablet burns approximately 12 minutes and up to 1400F (760C).
  • One tablet boils 500 ml of water in about 8 minutes.
  • Includes 12 tablets that are individually packed in waterproof packaging.
  • Can be stored for 10+ years.

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