Dynaflex Pro Gyro + Dock
Dynaflex Pro Gyro + Dock

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Jump start your gyro exerciser and get it up to operating speed in seconds with the DynaFlex PowerDock docking station. Bundled with DynaFlex's entry-level Pro gyro, this package offers everything you need to increase your range of motion and condition your arm, elbow, and shoulder muscles. Physicians and therapists all over the world are using the DynaFlex Pro as a rehabilitation and strength training tool for their patients, as it reaches up to 9,000 rpm and creates 25 pounds of torque resistance to increase grip strength and increase range of motion. Not only does the Pro gyro make you stronger, but it also helps prevent and/or eliminate carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow, and many other RSI conditions. The PowerDock docking station, meanwhile, both activates your Pro gyro and serves as a fantastic and modern-looking base to rest your gyro while not in use. Just hold the button for a few seconds and hold on tight. The docking station requires two AA batteries (not included).

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