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Aqua Sphere/US Divers Diva Lx Mask Aqua

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The Diva LX Diving Mask, Island Dry Snorkel Set is a quality set for exploring the underwater world on your next trip. The Diva LX diving mask features 2-windows with expanded top to bottom viewing, the Island Dry Snorkel is 100% submersible.

  • U.S. Divers Diva LX Female Mask | U.S. Divers Island 100% Dry Snorkel
  • MASK: Silicone face skirt provides the ultimate comfort
  • Tempered glass lens for safety | Pinch & pull easy to adjust buckles
  • SNORKEL: 100% submersible dry top with "Pivot Dry Technology"
  • One-way purge valve
  • Full flex section
  • Comfortable mouthpiece