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CycleOps CycleOps Fluid2 Trainer

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  • Description

For cyclists in Florida or southern California, "winter" is a seriously vague notion, but to the rest of us, the realities of cold, snow, slush, rain, and wind are all too obvious. Even hardcore riders can get shut down, so having a killer trainer like the CycleOps Fluid 2 is the best way to stay fit and strong during the cold winter months.
Riding inside can be tough on the psyche, so CycleOps designed the Fluid 2 to be as easy, pleasant, and enjoyable as possible. It's silky smooth, whisper-quiet, and easy to set up, so you have fewer excuses to not ride, and sports a durable alloy construction that's lightweight, strong, and easy to store. Instead of magnetic or mechanical resistance, which is used in most trainers, the Fluid 2 uses hydraulic fluid, which increases resistance as you increase pedal speed. It also employs Power Band technology, which increases resistance as a function of gearing and cadence, so you have a real-road feel when you're stationed in the living room. No matter how hard you go, though, the built-in cooling mechanism won't let the unit catch on fire.
  • Alloy construction
  • Fluid/Power Band resistance
  • Asymmetrical leveling feet
  • Single-cam rear skewer
  • Material:alloy
  • Resistance:Fluid/Power Band
  • Foldable:yes
  • Recommended Use:indoor training
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