Dunlop CV 3.0 F
Dunlop CV 3.0 F
Dunlop CV 3.0 F
Dunlop CV 3.0 F


CV 3.0 F
CV 3.0 F

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Take on all comers with the maneuverable and powerful CV 3.0 F, the ultimate all-round racquet. If you play an attacking game, you’ve now got great spin to back you up and some forgiveness on those off-center strikes.

Please note that this racket ships unstrung.

  • Play with more power and comfort. Sonic Core Technology, made from a premium silicone-based EVA material with high elasticity, makes it easier for you to return the ball, while the strings compress to amplify the force on your returns. Return easier. Hit harder. Take control.
  • Unleash greater power and comfort. Thin grooves across the hitting zone to enhance frame deformation, creating a larger sweet spot.
  • Thanks to a high-elasticity carbon construction, hit a crisper, cleaner shot and reduce vibration on all your different shot types.
  • Parallel drill holes and strings create a larger hitting area, meaning you can play shots with even more power, spin, and feel.
  • Feel a cleaner contact with the ball thanks to thermal energy conversion technology. This helps reduce vibrations without increasing weight or reducing frame strength.
  • Length: 27in
  • Un-Strung Weight: 300 g / 10.58 oz
  • Head size: 100 in
  • String Pattern: 16 X 19
  • RA/Stiffness: 70
  • Beam Width: 23-26-23 mm

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