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AlpineAire Cinnamon Apple Crisp

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Cinnamon Apple Crisp / 2 Servings - -1 [2]
  • Description

Brown sugar sauce with apples & raisins mingle with French vanilla granola.

Preparation: Open pouch and remove oxygen absorber. Remove Streusel Topping packet and set aside. Prepare in pouch or other suitable container. Add 1 cup (8 oz) boiling water to ingredients or you may crease/fold pouch at water line 4 then fill to water line 4. Stir completely and cover. Let Stand 10 minutes. Sprinkle Streusel Topping over top before serving.

  • Calories: 420 cal
  • Protein (g): 2 g
  • Per package weight (oz): 4 oz
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