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Speedo Bullet Mirrored

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Dark Granite / One Size - 0 [6]
Pink Turquoise / One Size - -1 [6]
  • Description

  • G.O. Fit System: Middle Eye Fi
  • The middle eye fit offers a comfortable fit for a wide range of faces.
  • The gasket rests within the eye orbital with a less constricting feel.
  • Elastomeric technology reduces goggle pressure around the eyes helping to minimize goggle ring marks.
  • ClearSight technology prevents eye fatigue offering extended peripheral vision with no lens distortion.
  • Dual density TPR frame offering superior flexibility with comfortable liquid silicone seals and straps.
  • Speed Fit clips for easy-adjustment.
  • Latex Free.
  • Anti-fog and UV protection.
  • Mirrored lens helps reduce brightness and glare.
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