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Profile Design Black T3+ Carbon

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The revised T3+ Carbon extension brings improved electronic and mechanical shifting cable management to this innovative wrist relief bend.

  • The new Supersonic (J5) bracket with the streamlined Inline Compression Clamp (ICC), this bar provides single bolt extension adjustment making dialing in your fit simple and easy.
  • Patent-pending in-line wedge system for reduced drag and even clamping forces. Extension length and rotation easily adjusted with the turn of just one bolt.
  • The updated offset bridge matched with the F40tt armrest gives the system enormous range of reach and width adjustability.
  • Bracket: J5 Bracket
  • Armrest: F40tt
  • Stack: 55 mm - 125 mm (w/Aftermarket Riser Kits)
  • Reach: -24 mm to -92.2 mm (7.5 mm Increments)
  • Width: 155 mm 296 mm (Center to Center)
  • Extension Adjustment: 229 mm 335 mm(Center of Basebar to Tip)
  • Extension Length: 376 mm
  • Extension Height: 66 mm
  • Extension Angle: 40
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims)
  • Weight: 575 g
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