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FINIS Axis Buoy

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The dual-function design of the Axis buoy improves body position while building upper body strength and engaging the core muscles. With ergonomic keyholes and a contoured design, the Axis buoy can function as both an ankle float and a leg buoy. The lightweight EVA foam is lightly textured for a more secure grip and allows swimmers to easily transfer the buoy between ankles and legs.

  • Ergonomic Keyholes: Easy To Transfer The Buoy Between Ankles And Legs
  • Streamlined Contours: Fits Comfortably Between Legs
  • Promotes Elevated Body Position: Lifts Hips And Legs For Proper Technique
  • Build Upper Body Strength: Immobilizes Legs, Shifting Focus To Build Upper Body Strength
  • Improves Hip Rotation: Calls For Focus On Hips While Pulling To Build Core Strength
  • Lightweight Eva Foam: Does Not Chafe Or Irritate Skin, Slightly Textured For A More Secure Grip
  • Medium (L 29.5 Cm, W 8 Cm, D 15.8 Cm)
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