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SQLabs 612 Ergowave Active Ti - 14cm

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14 cm
Black / 14 cm - 12 [2]

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The 612 Ergowave active was specifically designed to accomodate the requirements of both competetive and leisure cyclists both on the road or mountainbike. The wave-like shape and raised rear section provides perfect rearward support and an optimal pressure distribution which reaches deep into the body structures resulting in improved power transmission. The lowered nose in combination with the dip provides optimal pressure relief for the perineal area. The flat but slim SQlab MaxContact® saddle nose and the firm padding of the 612 were both specifically designed for the needs on the roadbike. The SQlab active technology allows the saddle to follow the biomechanical motion when pedalling resulting in increased comfort, mobilisation of the spinal discs and reduced pressure to the sitbones.

The raised back section provides more rearward support and ensures efficient power transmission.The level and lowered saddle nose applies less pressure to the sensitive areas of men and women alike. The slight dip in the center of the saddle reduces pressure to the sensitive tissue areas of the perineum. The wave shaped ERGOWAVE® profile which contours from the rear to the front offers a perfect form-fit shape for most sitbones. The rider does not need to be seated in an inefficient and tiring sitting position and all energy can
be used for forward propulsion.

  • Areas of use: Road & MTB Biking 
  • Length: 275
  • Weight: 279
  • Hardness in SQ-shore: 60
  • Relief of perineal area (%): 60
  • Material Rails: TiTube Alloy
  • Material Cover: C84
  • Material Padding: Marathon Foam
  • Max. Weight (kg): 100


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Black / 14 cm / Article #100149844

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