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SQLabs 610 Active 15 cm - Black

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Black / 15 cm - 1 [2]
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The form of the 610 active is suitable for a moderate seating position on a sporty trekking or touring bike. Also suited to comfort oriented MTB. The slim saddle nose provides more space for pedalling. The technology corresponds to that used in the athletic 611 active. The active system allows the saddle to follow the biomechanical movement of the pelvis when pedalling, the comfort is increased and both the spinal discs and the pressure to the sit bones is relieved. Like with all SQlab saddles, the step design not only relieves the perineal area, but also the pressure of the saddle nose to the female's lower positioned pubic bone, making the saddle suitable for men and women alike.

  • Weight: 378 g
  • Rails: CrMo
  • Material Cover: K18 B78
  • Material Padding: Marathon Foam
  • Active Technology: 3 different elastomer dampers (can be interchanged)


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