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50" Artikfun Viperrari (w/ batteries)
50" Artikfun Viperrari (w/ batteries)

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The Artikfun Viperrari Premium foam snow sled was designed and tested in the USA for snow play to riders wanting to thrill seek a speed run down a hill. Dense foam layering contoured molded foam with slick bottom. Tow rope and handles included for easy pulling or gripping to sled while riding. Foam construction holds integrity in cold temperatures and does not shatter as plastic competitor sleds. Each sled contains a motion-activated sound chip with a classic Ferrari speedway sound!

  • Each snow sled features an exclusive sound chip internally built between the foam layers.
  • Classic Ferrari speedway sound!
  • The sound device is activated with movement and features the racing sound of a speeding race car sure enough to motivate anyone for faster sliding. The sound device can easily be turned off with a click push of the sound button.
  • Scooped deck that allows improved steering vs. hard plastic sleds or flat foam sleds.
  • Slightly raised rails for easy grip and deck grooves improve grip to the sled. Ride sitting or laying down.
  • Sized sled for one adult or youth.
  • Each snow sled features an exclusive contoured channel bottom for directional drive and speed and stiffness to maintain board shape.
  • Patented Graphic and Manufacturing technology - Each component is tested and there are no harmful dyes, epoxies, or glues used in the creation of the Artikfun sleds. The color graphics have U.V. inhibitors for longer color proofing against sun, water, and normal outdoor use.
  • Easy to Transport - The snow sled length is 50in Length x 24in Width and 2.45lbs. Lightweight and easy to transport in car or carry up a hill. Strong tow rope and top loading tow plug can pull along flat trails.
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