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Eureka 4 Functional Sportsmans Tool

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The Silva Sportsman's Tool is compact, lightweight, versatile, and it floats. Its 4 functions make it a practical tool in a variety of uses such as hiking, camping, boating, jogging, biking, walking, kayaking, carrying around campus, canoeing, trekking and many more... Lanyard can be attached to back pack zipper, jacket zipper or belt loop of life vest for safe and easy use. 

  • Compass, Thermometer, Magnifier & Whistle All In One
  • Compact & Lightweight.
  • Lanyard.
  • Survival tool floats
  • 2.5 X Map Magnifier.
  • Liquid Filled Compass With Luminous Markings.
  • Loud Whistle-125 Plus Decibel Safety Whistle.