Meat Bites alternate view
Meat Bites alternate view
Meat Bites
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Meat Bites

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The Epic team knew that ruminants do best when they eat foods suited to their biology, and when they are free to roam outdoors. In this spirit, paleo-friendly Epic products are inspired by the simple and nutrient-dense diets of early humans. Elevating jerky to new levels and powering your hikes, this healthy protein bar gives you meal-quality savory flavor profiles: grass-fed beef and venison with simple natural ingredients like cranberry, chia seeds, coconut, golden raisins and hearty spices. 

  • An 8 Pack Box contains eight (8) 2.5-ounce bags
  • Six flavors available
  • 100% Wild Caught Salmon is sourced from family owned fishermen based in the glorious Bristol Bay Region of Alaska
  • Wild caught salmon enjoy nutritious diets high in ocean plankton and enjoy open range swimming that is consistent with how the species has evolved.
  • 100% grass-fed and free range venison
  • 100% grass fed and finished beef
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