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Many of our 2019 trip dates are now available for registration.  We've got an expanded and exciting line up of backpacking, cycling and winter trips.  Sign up now and save 20%.  Just use code EARLYBIRD20 at checkout!

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime, exploring local treasures and learning new skills while we delight you with expert guidance, catered meals and so much more.

Guide spotlight on:Zack Naour

Zack Naour is an outdoor advocate to his core. His enthusiasm and appreciation for enjoying the outdoors is both palpable and infectious, and something he aspires to share with others. When not guiding for Sports Basement Outdoors you can find him rock climbing at Bay Area's local crags, cycling, or backpacking in the Sierras. Some of his favorite trips include: through hiking the John Muir Trail, backpacking in the Grand Canyon, and local climbing trips to Mickey's Beach. Zack joined the guiding team in 2017 and he is looking forward to another great season. 

Favorite place outdoors: Yosemite Backcountry 
First Aid Certifications: WFR, CPR
Sports Basement Job: Backcountry Department Presidio 
What trips you guide for: Backpacking, Snowshoeing, Climbing, Cycling 


Guide spotlight on:Jennifer Lynn Olson

Tango Jennifer is the Bay Area's only internationally acclaimed Argentine tango dance instructor with a dozen Strava QOMs to her moniker. Whether being lead across a golden bridge to Paradise on two wheels, or across streams and valleys on two feet for a weekend of backpacking, Jennifer is there to lead you on your next adventure with the kind of unrivaled enthusiasm which will cause your valleys to feel like peaks and forces you to smile so often that you'll wonder aloud, "Why in the world am I smiling so much?!  When did I start smiling, and will I ever stop?" *hint:  You smile because you realize how much you adore UFOs.

Favorite Place Outdoors: Any place my two legs lead me on Blurple Boo
First Aid Certifications: WFA
What trips I Guide: Cycling, Backpacking


Guide spotlight on:Eden Slezin

Eden has been professionally guiding for 12 years.  In between his time running the Sports Basement store on Bryant street, he has also focused on backpack guiding in Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and even Hawaii.  Since taking over the SB Outdoors program, he tries to get out on as many excursions as possible.  In his free time he dabbles in fashion design and has been doing triathlons for almost 20 years. Before working at Sports Basement, Eden also served as US Marine Corps Intelligence Officer.

Favorite Place Outdoors: Grand Canyon National Park
First Aid Certifications: WFR, CPR
What trips I Guide: All but rock climbing


Guide spotlight on:John Dreesman

I have been guiding with Sports Basement for about four years. I taught CPR for almost 2 years and have taught Wilderness First Aid for about 1 year. I currently also work as an EMT, working towards nursing. I love everything outdoors and everything involved in staying safe while doing so. If it's outdoors and/or gives you an adrenaline rush, I'm there. I also train for triathlons, but I hate running.  

Favorite place outdoors would have to be Desolation Wilderness because I can take my dog backpacking. 
Current First Aid Certifications: CPR/ WFR/ EMT
Trips I guide for: Them all - Rock Climbing, Road Cycling, Mountain Biking, Snow Camping, Backpacking, Wilderness First Aid Instructor