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beyond the pavement


Okay bear with us for a second while we get a little gushy, but Grinduro is just the greatest. Half race, half festival, half friendly bike ride (yes, it's 150% of an event) Grinduro is what every other bike race ought to become. It's not easy - 60 miles of gravel, hardpack and pavement isn't exactly a walk in the park - but the format keeps the pressure off and you get to ride shoulder-to-shoulder with your cycling heroes for however long you want to. Grinduro kind of epitomizes the gravel scene - serious but not snooty, fun but not easy. And if you wanna join in next year for the Mt. Shasta event, we recommend a Topstone - the new Topstone Carbon with Kingpin suspension featured heavily in the 2019 event and we can't imagine it'll do poorly next time around!

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