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That's not a stock photo - that's a real photo from a real trip to Yosemite with our SB Outdoors guides! If you've ever wanted to experience the majesty beauty of Half Dome (or Tuolumne, or Ten Lakes, or Glen Aulin, or Vogelsang) but the idea of figuring out permits and planning and food and how to be safe and comfortable for the whole thing is more than you want to manage, then do we have a deal for you. We've got it all figured out, so all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Decorative topography Decorative topography


If you know, you know. Pretty much all camp food tastes delicious (because salty, hot food after a day of hiking is always gonna taste good) but Heather's Choice goes above and beyond. Delicious dinners, and breakfasts with healthy, whole food ingredients that don't just fill you up - they keep you energized. Plus, they're thoughtfully produced: the foil-lined stand-up pouches are smaller than average to keep pack size (and weight) down, and their short profile means your gloves won't get food on 'em while you're stirring.

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Car camping is about taking all the comforts of home and removing those pesky walls and such. And what's more comfortable than movies on your ipad, or some music while you cook? Harness the power of the sun with Goal Zero solar panels and power banks and you don't have to give up any of your creature comforts (except wifi - we're not wizards, just tech-savvy campers).

Your body needs gear, too

But where are you gonna put all this awesome stuff? It's all gotta fit in one (or two, since you're definitely sharing this adventure with a friend, right?) backpacks, to be worn by two humans with good, supportive hiking boots and nice, sun-resistant clothes. Looking for some help in that department? Look no further - just click that little green button below!